My Dog Causes Trouble

Is your dog bored when he's left home alone?

Does he get destructive or exhibit stress-related behaviors?

Is she overly energetic when you come home after a long day of work?

Does he have "accidents" if you don't get home in time?


We have a playroom just for dogs where they can romp with their buddies or share a snooze on the couch. They have access to a fenced and covered potty area and lots of toys to play with. Since we only take 10-12 dogs a day, we offer personalized attention that the bigger daycares don't provide.

Group Playtime

We guarantee that after spending a day at our daycare, playing with other dogs and learning to be a social member of our "pack", your pooch will come home POOPED!!!

He/she will be happier and more content at home and hopefully any problem behaviors that he/she may have been demonstrating will be reduced or even eliminated.

We offer reduced prices on grooming and nail trims for our daycare clients.

Dogs need to be picked up promptly at 6 pm. Dogs picked up after 6 pm will be charged $10.00/ per 15 minutes late. Then intervals of $5.00 after the first 15 minutes.

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Daycare Requirements

In order to provide a safe, fun and rewarding environment, we have the following requirements.
  • Shots
    - Distemper Vaccination is required (which includes Parvo virus, Parainfluenza, Adeno virus, Leptospiross & Hepititus)
    - Rabies Vaccination is required
    - Bordatella Vaccination is strongly recommended (kennel cough)
  • Be People & Dog Friendly
  • Spayed or Neutered if over 6 mos
  • Have Flea & Tick Treatment
  • Do not bring if dog is sick
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